Massage Therapy Plus, LLC - Your Wellness Is My Business
My practice offers a variety of modalities in a single session. There are no special rates per technique. This policy allows me the freedom to truly customize the session to YOU. As the needs of your body vary from one part to another, I likewise will vary techniques to suit those needs.
My C.A.R.E. policy incorporates four key elements:
Communication with my clients is a key part of the treatment process - from initial evaluation through treatment and follow-up. I want to know when they want more (or less) of something I am doing.
Awareness of the needs and wants of you, the client, are also important to the process.  This includes, but is not limited to, sensitivity to your capabilities, limitations, and your environment...and how these factors affect the way you live and move.
Reiki is offered to those who desire energy work, either alone or as part of a massage session. It can help with relaxation and stress relief, and for many clients, promotes a general sense of well-being and balance.
Education is the final element: it ties into the awareness and communication components. When your session is complete, I may offer stretches, exercises, or other self-care suggestions to reduce your likelihood of re-injury or to promote recovery, based on the nature and/or origins of your particular issues.
This C.A.R.E. policy aims to ensure a quality, enjoyable experience for you that will extend to, and enhance, all aspects of your life.
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